Remembering Their Prayers

Susan Harris is a descendant of Max Blanck, one of the co-owners of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company. The Blanck family had quite a few relatives die in the fire that tragic day and Susan felt a deep calling to make something that would bridge the gap of pain and time and connect her family to the other victims’ families. In 2008, she began collecting Edwardian shirtwaist fabrics and handkerchiefs from all over the country. Susan put together a small group of neighbors to help her embroider the names of all of the victims onto these delicate fabrics. Many names are also sewn by the victims’ descendants. Hung on a clothesline in a manner similar to Tibetan prayer flags, the piece is now 152 feet long.

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One of the most interesting stories, not told elsewhere in the City, is that of the early days of fire fighting in New York. The museum is privileged to house much of the City's collection of historic firefighting artifacts, memorabilia and equipment dating from as early as the 1650s. Together our collection of documents, firefighting apparatus, fire marks, buckets, trumpets, helmets, rattles, lanterns, uniforms and other artifacts tell a powerful story of early New York, the challenges faced by our ancestors and their ingenuity and skill in preventing and controlling fires in a setting and conditions difficult to imagine today.

Firefighting on Parade

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